A food tour of Krakow: where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner

Breakfast – Fitagain

Just a stone’s throw from the main market square, Fitagain is a great choice for a healthy, affordable and delicious breakfast to start your day. Walking into this stylish cafe we took a seat at one of the timber tables. There was a number of people typing away vigorously on their laptops and a woman with a professional camera photographing the desserts on the wooden bar top situated next to the window.

We both opted for scrambled eggs with salad, avocado and seeded bread. However, there is a wide variety of breakfast options on the menu. There are granola’s, porridges, wraps, sandwiches…the list goes on. All the meals can be accompanied by coffee, a large selection of teas or a smoothie.

Traditional Polish food is pretty carb and meat heavy, so Fitagain is a great option if you’re looking for something lighter for your first meal of the day.

Lunch: Pierogarnia Krakowiacy

Usually made from noodle flour dough and stuffed with a countless variety of fillings, Pierogi are similar to the Japanese gyoza or the Italian ravioli. Piergoi have been made in Poland since the thirteenth century. In the second half of the 17th century, around the same time that the first Polish cookbooks were published, the word Pierogi first appeared in Polish literature. In the past, Pierogi were exclusively a holiday dish! Each holiday had its own kind of Pierogi that was only prepared at one time of year. Nowadays, your can fortunately eat Pierogi all year round!

We knew we had to try Pierogi when in Krakow and we were determined to try the best ones we could find! After a quick google, Pierogarnia Krakowiacy stood out. It had sparkling reviews, serves pretty much exclusively Pierogies and wasn’t far from old town.

We arrived early, before the main lunch rush, probably around 12pm. At this time there was only one other person in the restaurant. But by the time we were leaving pretty much all the tables were filled! It’s self service, so you order at the counter and wait for your number to be called to collect your meal! We ordered one savoury and one sweet dish to share. The pork and cabbage savoury dumplings came with caramelised onions and were soft, warm and full of flavour! The sweet Pierogi were flavoured with coconut, ricotta and cream and although they were slightly sweet for my preference, they were still delicious!

Dinner – Morskie Oko

Morskie Oko was without a doubt the highlight of our culinary journey in Krakow. With over two thousand 5 star reviews on google, our expectations were understandably high. And yet they were met and exceeded!

The walls are adorned with farming equipment and sheepskin blankets line the timber tables. We didn’t have a reservation, and after first being seated in the doorway, they quickly moved us to a much nicer, cosier table further into the restaurant. They said they needed the table back in two hours which ended up being more than enough time for us to enjoy two courses and a few too many vodkas! The staff were attentive and more than happy to recommend their favourite dishes and drink choices.

We ordered a polish sausage and some fried cheese to start and I chose a pork schnitzel accompanied by cabbage and potatoes for main. Everything was genuinely cooked and seasoned to perfection. I feel like I can taste the salty vinegary cabbage whilst writing this and it’s making me want to eat that delicious meal all over again!

I was the coldest i’ve ever been in my life when I walked into Morskie Oko, but I left feeling warm, sated and full of joy!

Yes…my sister did have two sausage courses, don’t judge her, thats just how good the sausage at Morskie Oko is!

If you have time…

Another worthy mention from our visit was The Black Duck- Czarna Kaczka. With a mainly duck themed menu, the dumplings and roast duck were delicious! The portions were huge, so I’d recommend sharing a main!